Mayday! How to Poshmark in the Vortex

Holy cannoli. It has been a busy week. As evidenced by an uncharacteristic lack of alternate day posting here. Sometimes life turns into a vortex… all the plates you have to keep spinning seem like they might crash at any moment, maybe 1 or 2 have already dropped. But life has to keep moving and if you are counting on Posh income even when life is crazy, you need to Posh while actively vortexing. Here’s how I handle those times to keep up a successful Posh closet.

First, when you are stressed and short of time, choose the most high reward Posh activities and use what time you have to do only that. For me, daily vortex closet care looks like:

  • relisting a few old items from the bottom of my closet
  • following about 10 people
  • ENL’ing my entire closet, bit by bit, as I have time over the day (I have a big closet and if I can’t even do that, I’ll try to ENL the most recently listed 100 or so)
  • making offers to likers on items that have gotten likes and any bundles that have been made by potential buyers in the past 24 hours

That small list takes maybe 15 minutes manually not including the time I spend ENL’ing (which can honestly take an hour to do manually if I do the whole thing in one go… which is why a few minutes here and there while I have idle time is the way to go). If I am out of town or on vacation (can it be summer yet??) and do not take my computer, I do the basics by hand.

I do use (and love) a Posh bot and the bot is a great help because, if I have any desk work or even the intermittent ability to check in on the computer (like between loads of laundry, cooking, carpooling, etc), it allows me to multitask and quite possibly get a lot more Poshing into a vortex day than would otherwise be humanly possible. I still focus on essential tasks as above, but may also share to parties or ENL more times per day.

By making this essential list a daily commitment even on the hard days, I can maintain solid sales while out of town for the weekend, prepping and hosting holiday parties, and when under the weather.

Do you have tips to share on how you manage the rough and tough patches as a Posh seller? I’d love to hear them!!

All About Love or List Challenges

Poshmark promotes platform-wide events regularly… with something happening at least weekly. They have Closet Clear Outs, Make a Deal Days, and today’s topic: Love or List Challenges.

So what is a Love or List Challenge? The short answer is that it’s Poshmark’s way of drumming up massive amounts of new listings on its platform in a short period of time. Like the other events they offer, LoLCs are never announced ahead of time. Perhaps they make decisions based on how many active listings they have, or if sales are flagging at certain times, but you can be sure that an LoLC is just around the corner a couple times a month (I wish I paid more attention to the frequency of these things, but alas, dear reader… I am lazy).

Like Make a Deal Days, LoLCs involve a very slim chance to win Poshmark credit, this time by making new listings. When you make new listings during an LoLC, your new listings will immediately get buried underneath all the other new listings pouring in that day. Not to say it won’t help you make more sales… because more listings are generally good… but there really is no advantage to listing them on that day.

Lest you think this is a terribly generous self-serving strategy for making more potential sales, Poshmark still takes it’s usual 20% cut on the prizes it’s offering anyway. Poshmark credit should never be confused with an actual cash prize… it can only be spent on Poshmark, and Posh takes 20% of every sale. Right?

My strategy with LoLCs are to make new listings (or delete/relist old items) immediately AFTER the LoLC. My thinking here is that the majority of Poshers with new items to list will do so during the LoLC, and there will be a slow time right after. So if I list then, my new listings will be at the very top of the pile a little bit longer. The tradeoff is no entry into their !!amazing giveaway!!, but that’s A-OK with me.

If you’re hung up on entering but aren’t a Posher, you can still enter by mail… *insert sarcastic laughter*. This is really the biggest joke of all. The winners of the LoLC are chosen on the same day as the LoLC, but since Posh has to allow anyone to be able to enter in accordance with the law, anyone can mail in an entry. The mailed entry will necessarily arrive well past when the winners are chosen. Soooo… good luck!!!

Happy Poshing!!

Happy Belated Earth Day

Beyond selling secondhand myself, one of my big motivations for encouraging others to use Poshmark or find other ways to save quality clothing from the trash heap is that buying used is a much more sustainable choice than buying newly produced items.

Buying used instead of new has some very compelling arguments:

  • It creates no waste (the item is already made).
  • It produces waaay less pollution (just whatever is associated with packaging and shipping, not production).
  • It saves space in landfills.
  • It reinforces a culture of recycling and reduction in consumption, offering a viable alternative to the dominant culture of fast fashion.
  • It provides quality clothing to those who need/want to save money.
  • It supports charity stores that sell secondhand clothing AND individuals needing flexible side-hustle income (in my case, I purchase quality items at these stores… financially supporting their mission of serving the under-served and those in need… then flip those items on Poshmark for a tidy profit to myself).

There are ways to reduce even the impact of the necessary packaging and shipping, like using minimal and recyclable packing materials, and buying in bundles shipped together rather than individual items shipped separately. Buying used online also cuts down on driving emissions that would be used shop-hopping to find the perfect item at the perfect price.

So, Posh sellers, feel good today! Even if you just got into it to make some extra cash, you are helping the Earth in the process. Thank you!!

Poshmark Draft Listings: Meh

Well, I think my title sums it up. I feel pretty meh about Poshmark’s draft listing feature. It has SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. Yet fails to deliver in its present form. Sigh.

The biggest issue for me is that you can only create draft listings on your mobile device. It seems like a no-brainer to add this feature to the desktop version as well. Maybe they are getting to it. Maybe it’ll come out soon. Or maybe it won’t. I am constantly surprised by the longstanding differences between the mobile and web-based versions of Poshmark. So many functional inconsistencies (can only update closet discount and add/change header image via mobile, for example).

I am a seller who keeps all my inventory organized in a giant spreadsheet, and I create all my listings off that database. I take photos on my phone, then access them via laptop to populate the listings. If I could make drafts via laptop, I’d be a lot less meh about the whole thing. But as it stands, I like to clean up my photos first with another app first, so making a draft by directly photographing items isn’t my thing anyway.

Since the mobile feature is relatively new, I’ve decided that I’ll be optimistically meh, and maybe they’ll add this functionality to the web version soon. Here’s hoping 🙂

How to Cancel Your Active Offer on Poshmark as a Seller

Random Poshmark skill lesson here today.

I recently wanted to delete and relist an item on which I had made an active counteroffer. Why, you ask? The potential buyer was just on my last nerve, and I was ready not to deal with her ever again. I figure that if she accepted my offer, she’d probably complain about the item after receipt anyway. So… here’s how to get around the compulsory 24 hour waiting period for your offers to be accepted, declined, or expire. This method is a great solution, and not one you’ll find on Poshmark’s FAQs.

To cancel an offer that YOU have made on an item:

Go to the item on which you want to cancel an offer, and Edit, Next, List… but while you are editing, change the listed size of the item. In my case, I changed the size from 2 to M (but it really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s different). Once you have finished editing, go and check on the offer. Mine looked like this:

One successfully cancelled offer. *drops mic, walks off stage*

It was soooo easy. I followed this up by deleting the listing and relisting it… I had dropped the price a couple times during the Closet Clear Out and it was ready to be done anyway. And then I blocked that Posher because she is a tenacious lowballer (I know from previous experience… this was just the end of weeks of dead-eyed haggling). I just don’t want to deal with her any more, and now I don’t have to.

I hope that spreading this tidbit of knowledge may help save another Posher from irritation or pain in the future. Happy sales!!

All About Closet Clear Out on Poshmark

Poshmark is doing a Closet Clear Out event yesterday through today, and I wanted to talk a little bit about strategy to best take advantage of a CCO. I had a great day of sales yesterday, and I think CCOs are the one truly value added event that Poshmark promotes to its sellers.

So what is a Closet Clear Out? In their promotional post visible in your news feed while a CCO is ongoing, Posh says:

Grab the attention of every Posher who has ever liked your items. Just lower your prices by at least 10%, and they’ll get an email with the price drop notification AND discounted shipping! So drop your prices NOW! While you’re at it, why not do a little shopping for yourself? But hurry, because this sale won’t last long.

By “discounted shipping”, Posh is saying that they will offer the customer $4.99 shipping, essentially covering the $1.80 that you would normally pay if you are making an offer to likers (OTL). So you drop your price, and Posh sends an OTL with the shipping discount on their tab instead of yours. But there are also limitations to this offer that become very important when dropping prices, especially lower priced items and items for which you may have previously dropped and later raised prices:

Shipping promotion valid through XX/XX/XX 11:59pm PT. Minimum purchase price must be $10. Price must be dropped by at least 10% from lowest historical price to qualify. Discounted shipping lasts for six hours after price drops. Orders placed through Make an Offer do not qualify for this promotion.

So the strategy here is to pay attention to timing. The offer for discounted shipping only lasts for 6 hours, so if you drop prices at the crack of dawn, the offer will expire before your potential buyers have a chance to take advantage. So waiting until at least mid-afternoon EST seems like the time that makes the most sense on weekdays, though earlier is probably fine for weekends.

Also important to note is that you could conceivably lower prices on your items more than once. You could drop by 10% on the first day and then another 10% on the second day if it has not sold. As long as you have the built in wiggle room and would be happy to sell an item at that price, this is something to consider. You can then raise the price back up after the CCO, or relist that item at the original price.

The “lowest historical price” is the lowest it has been listed publicly, though you can have made offers to likers that are lower than the publicly listed price. So if you lower and then raise your price back to original, the next time you want to do a CCO, you’ll have to drop 20% to get the discounted shipping offer. And items have to have a sell price of no less than $10 to qualify, so bear that in mind when deciding what to sell and setting original list prices.

But the fact that Poshmark is kicking in actual money to help you make a sale is the key here. If you make an OTL, YOU pay the discounted shipping after Posh takes their cut, which means you pay the $1.80 shipping for your buyer, and Posh pockets 20% of that as well, so you’re out $2.16. The critical point here is that CCO sales save you exactly $2.16 over the same deal via OTL, no matter the selling price. Which means it worth taking advantage of, especially for lower priced items that meet the $10 criteria. This can also inform you on the cost of making OTLs at other times, to help you price your items to get the best return.

Questions? Other opinions? Leave a comment!

I wish you many happy sales and all the fun during this Closet Clear Out event!!